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Lisa McKitty

Lisa is a natural intuitive with a grand love for life and people. Lisa loves to work with the Energy of the Crystals and hand creating wearable energy. Recognizing how the crystal energy has truly changed her life, she is on a mission to bring the beautiful energy of crystals to all who are open to receiving.

Lisa’s life changed dramatically last year when her 24 year old son Sgt. Julian Harris passed. This event has driven her to find ways to connect with him, and she has learned so much of what she didn’t know about life, love and the afterlife. She is bravely on her journey and appreciates every aspect of life, recognizing this precious gift.

Lisa continues now with a new heart, and a very new awareness. She works to develop her natural abilities, which she uses in all aspects of her life. Lisa provides consultations on personal crystal gridding as well as gridding spaces at home, at work and even in the car. She designs jewelry including necklaces, earrings, and bracelets for male and feminine energy.

The best way to describe Lisa is driven with purpose. Discover the truth of who you are asking the help of Earth Angels to support you in your driven purpose.

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Angels Guide You
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