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Archangel Inspired Aromatherapy Jewelry Collection

Archangel Inspired Aromatherapy Jewelry CollectionThe Archangel Collection was inspired by the Archangels with intentions to empower your life and enhance your daily living. Each Archangel brings different healing qualities and emotional energetic frequencies that you can invite into your life. This wearable Archangel Energy serves as a daily reminder that the Angels are just waiting to be asked to help you realize your every dream. You are created in the image of the I AM. The time has come for you to realize exactly who you are, a co-creator of life.

The Archangel Collection is beginning with Seven of the most revered Archangels. Each of these individual collections contains the energetic healing frequency for that Archangel, and then amplified by utilizing Crystal Earth Angel energy and Essential Oil Earth Angel energies. The Archangels have truly guided these creations. Their intention is to bring love and light to you and ultimately to the world. Anyone wearing one of these very special Archangel Bracelets, Earrings, Roll On Essential Oil will be naturally bringing this Archangel’s energy into the world and to those around them.

You are the light of the world. This collection is made with the intention that you can clear whatever is blocking your dreams and share your beautiful love and light with the world. If you are ready to work with the Archangels and the Angels to help you in every way in your life, these Archangel Collections will support you in your process.

Our Archangel Crystal Aromatherapy Lamp Love is designed to bring this same energy into your home, your work, where ever you are, helping once again to bring in the light and love of these Archangels. Since not everyone around you will be wearing Angel Energy, you can bring this energy right into your home, helping to raise the level of vibration and removing and clearing lower energies.

We are releasing The Archangel Michael Collection which includes Aromatherapy Bracelets, one with masculine energy one with feminine energ, Earrings, Aromatherapy Lamp Love, Archangel Michael Essential Oil Diffuser Blend and Archangel Michael Essential Oil Roll On Blend.

We will be releasing a new over the next few months featuring one of these first seven Archangels. It is our deepest hope to spread the pure love and light and healing energies of these Archangels, Crystals and Essential Oils.

Visit our online shop to see these handmade, Angel inspired wearable energy.

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