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About Angels Guide You

Everyone has an intuitive sense. People call it a 6th sense and often times believe it is something only special people have, or don’t give it much value. The truth is everyone has this 6th sense. The Angels Guide You to learning how you can understand and access your personal intuition.

Angels Guide You is a very straight forward message that Angels are always guiding you. They ask you to learn what channel you receive your Divine Guidance. In prayer you ask, so how is it that you receive? To find out more how to tap into your natural intuitive abilities, see What’s Your Clair?”

Angels can support you in every aspect of your life. They love you unconditionally. They must respect your free will and wait so patiently for you to ask. A wonderful invitation to the Angels is Show Me, Teach Me, Guide Me, Help Me. You can ask for signs and of course you can seek additional assistance from Earth Angels.

Christine & Lisa both have experienced the passing of their sons. They believe that through the experience of grief and a mother’s need to connect, they have discovered parts of themselves that were hidden by a false sense of reality. Refusing to accept the standard systems of grief, they have discovered that by developing their intuition, they can connect not only to the energy of their sons, but the can connect to Spirit, Angels and Guidance every day.

They wish you blessings on your journey.

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