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What’s Your Clair?

You Are IntuitiveEver have a 6th sense about something but you just dismiss it?

Do you feel like other people have intuitive gifts, and those special gifts are reserved for a special set of few people?

The Angels have taught me that everyone is intuitive, and that we just haven’t been raised understanding this truth. Many are raised to actually discount the idea of being intuitive, by discounting any of the feelings easily thinking ‘Oh that’s just a sixth sense’, while others may trust their ‘gut’ feelings yet not know why.

You are intuitive, and everyone has a 6th sense. Learning how to tap into that natural sense just takes two steps. 1) Belief 2) Practice

What’s your Clair? There are four main Clairs that we will discuss in this post, however, I would like you to know that the Angels have taught me that information is time sensitive, and dependent upon the receiver. They show me themselves as if rolling on the floor laughing when we try to make all these rules about connecting to them. Simplicity is key.

Clairvoyant are people who literally see visions through their third eye. Some people even dream. Many people think this is the only way to be intuitive. However there are three other channels that I am currently aware of that we can tap into.

Clairaudient are people who hear. I hear. I’ve heard for a long time. However, because I believed the only way to be intuitive was to be clairvoyant, I discounted my 6th sense, my dominant intuitive channel of hearing. Thankfully the Angels cleared that up for me and once I understood that there were different ways to receive information, I was able to develop a strong connection to my channel of hearing.

Clairsentient is for people who feel strongly. You can actually have access to multiple channels. I am also clairsentinent. For me I can get a feeling about something, but I will have to tap into the energy I feel using my clairaudient channel.

Claircognizant is for people who just know. They know something fully and completely. If you get a sense of knowing, stopping and tuning into this energy can help you open up to information not easily noticed by the conscious mind.

Rituals of meditation and many rules have surrounded the idea of tapping into intuition. Many people will think, I can’t do this, or I am doing it wrong. Easy steps Angels provided to developing your intuitive channel was

1) Ask for Help
You can ask the Angels to show you explicitly what’s your Clair. Ask for signs that you know will be keys for you to clearly have your ah-ha moment.

2) Don’t judge
Perfection is not the goal. The more you tap into your channel and understand how you personal are tuning your energetic vibrational frequency, you will recognize that you have your own unique way of connecting. Don’t compare yourself to others, and realize the best answer for you are through you.

3) Practice
Practice creates a confidence and a clear understanding that you are not making stuff up. One of our favorite sayings here is “You just can’t make this stuff up.” Practice with little things, and as you grow more sure, more confident, practice with things you feel are more challenging. Remember ask the Angels for help every step of the way for you to learn your unique intuitive process.

4) Believe
Belief is truly the key. You cannot energetically connect without belief. If you need help in believing, again, ask the Angels for undeniable signs that clearly help you know you are truly naturally intuitive.

-Love the Angels

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