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What’s Your Clair?

You Are IntuitiveEver have a 6th sense about something but you just dismiss it?

Do you feel like other people have intuitive gifts, and those special gifts are reserved for a special set of few people?

The Angels have taught me that everyone is intuitive, and that we just haven’t been raised understanding this truth. Many are raised to actually discount the idea of being intuitive, by discounting any of the feelings easily thinking ‘Oh that’s just a sixth sense’, while others may trust their ‘gut’ feelings yet not know why.

You are intuitive, and everyone has a 6th sense. Learning how to tap into that natural sense just takes two steps. 1) Belief 2) Practice

What’s your Clair? There are four main Clairs that we will discuss in this post, however, I would like you to know that the Angels have taught me that information is time sensitive, and dependent upon the receiver. They show me themselves as if rolling on the floor laughing when we try to make all these rules about connecting to them. Simplicity is key.

Clairvoyant are people who literally see visions through their third eye. Some people even dream. Many people think this is the only way to be intuitive. However there are three other channels that I am currently aware of that we can tap into.

Clairaudient are people who hear. I hear. I’ve heard for a long time. However, because I believed the only way to be intuitive was to be clairvoyant, I discounted my 6th sense, my dominant intuitive channel of hearing. Thankfully the Angels cleared that up for me and once I understood that there were different ways to receive information, I was able to develop a strong connection to my channel of hearing.

Clairsentient is for people who feel strongly. You can actually have access to multiple channels. I am also clairsentinent. For me I can get a feeling about something, but I will have to tap into the energy I feel using my clairaudient channel.

Claircognizant is for people who just know. They know something fully and completely. If you get a sense of knowing, stopping and tuning into this energy can help you open up to information not easily noticed by the conscious mind.

Rituals of meditation and many rules have surrounded the idea of tapping into intuition. Many people will think, I can’t do this, or I am doing it wrong. Easy steps Angels provided to developing your intuitive channel was

1) Ask for Help
You can ask the Angels to show you explicitly what’s your Clair. Ask for signs that you know will be keys for you to clearly have your ah-ha moment.

2) Don’t judge
Perfection is not the goal. The more you tap into your channel and understand how you personal are tuning your energetic vibrational frequency, you will recognize that you have your own unique way of connecting. Don’t compare yourself to others, and realize the best answer for you are through you.

3) Practice
Practice creates a confidence and a clear understanding that you are not making stuff up. One of our favorite sayings here is “You just can’t make this stuff up.” Practice with little things, and as you grow more sure, more confident, practice with things you feel are more challenging. Remember ask the Angels for help every step of the way for you to learn your unique intuitive process.

4) Believe
Belief is truly the key. You cannot energetically connect without belief. If you need help in believing, again, ask the Angels for undeniable signs that clearly help you know you are truly naturally intuitive.

-Love the Angels

Essential Oil Earth Angels

Essential Oil Earth AngelsEssential Oils are all the rage. Go to the most common retailers and you will spot some essential oils for sale. As a NAHA Certified Aromatherapist, and a Certified Angel Healer Practitioner, Essential Oils have a very different meaning and perspective to me. There is no “cure in a bottle, one size fits all” essential oil. There are many layers and aspects of essential oils that when understood and utilized can provide wonderful daily living support, as well as create energetic life shifts and more.

Mother Earth is here to support us in our daily living. Essential Oils are extracted from plants using a variety of methods. There isn’t just one “lavender” oil, rather just as you can imagine the many types of rose bushes, there too are many different types of lavender plants. Knowing the Latin name of the plant, as well as the country of origin, all impact the characteristics of the plant. Like humans, each living plant has it’s own unique energy. While there are commonalities, overlooking the uniqueness of each plant is truly short changing the intrinsic value of an essential oil.

The Angels invite you to recognize that Essential Oils are also Earth Angels. They contain unique vibrating energy frequencies and can be used to help you in every aspect of your life. Just like Angels, Essential Oil Earth Angels are equally wanting to help and support you. We often are concerned with our physical bodies, and may not recognize that we also have an emotional body, a mental body and a spiritual body as well. Energy can get stuck or trapped in any of these bodies. Often times when we experience dis-ease, it can often be traced to a trapped lower energy within one of our energetic bodies, and then manifest in the physical body.

The over simplification and over generalizations of essential oils has misguided the bigger picture understanding that these Earth Angels can provide in our lives. The Angels want us to know that often times we get stuck on our paths simply because we have not understood the lesson we were intending to learn. Old emotional energy, that goes unresolved or “unhealed”, remains very much a part of you and therefore, your day to day experience. The laws of science show that we attract what we vibrate. The Laws of the Mind indicate that emotions will always win over logic. The Law of Dominant Effect indicates that the strongest emotion will always win. The Angelic Energies of Essential Oils can help release old energetic patterns, can clear and clean the mental body, can clear and energize living spaces, can support emotional balance and mindfulness, helping to attract the higher vibrational energies of joy, peace and love.

Essential Oils, when blended intentionally, knowing what chemical components make up the oil, can create true energetic shifts in your life. The holistic approach to healing is repair, support & protect. Essential ols are complimentary to other holistic practices such as mindful living. A single oil as a stand alone, if truly unadulterated, has the potential to impact a specific aspect of your life. Utilizing intentionally blended essential oils has the potential to impact multiple aspects of your life. Blended Essential Oil use can be compared to a musical orchestra. The orchestra when combined, makes a musical symphony.

Crystal Energy, Earth Angels

Crystal Angel EnergyEinstein’s equation E=mc2 demonstrated that everything is energy. Each energy wave has an associated vibration and everything (physical and non-physical) is actually energy. How can we impact the energy that is creating our reality?

Energy cannot be seen with the human eye, yet it impacts every part of our lives. Understanding the impact energy has on and in your life are the building blocks to creating a higher vibrational life. Higher vibratonal energy can be recognized in the emotional energies of excitement, joy, love, peace. These are lighter energy waves. Energy waves move around us move through us. While we may seem solid, we are vibrating energy. Crystal Energy can naturally help raise your vibrational energy.

Crystal energy comes from deep within Mother Earth. The earth is here to support human life. The Angels would like you to know that Crystals are Earth Angels. Natural crystals were formed by the energy of the earth for years and years. You can find so much logical information about crystal energy, and spend hours researching and learning the different properties of the many crystals created by earth. The quartz crystal actually powers all of our electronic devices, supporting the idea that crystals contain energy. Imagine how powerful your electronic devices are and what they actual do for your life? The clear quartz crystal is key in their functioning. What if you could tap into this powerful energy in other ways in your life? How would you like your life to be different?

Each Crystal, which I like to call Crystal Angel Energy, contains a unique frequency. Just like diamonds contain imperfections, it is these imperfections that make each diamond unique. Utilizing Crystal Angel Energy in your life can help you in so many ways including to clear negative energy, protect and sheild your energetic bodies and raise your energetic vibration naturally.

Some of the ways we can tap into the Crystal Angel Energy is by bringing it into our lives, our living spaces, our cars, our work. Crystal Angel Energy teaches us that we can impact the energetic patterns (vibrations) around us, so we can literally use this energy by gridding ourselves and our homes with the power of intention combined with the Crystal Angel energies.

Some Crystal Angel Energies are great for protecting and shielding, while others are wonderful healers. I’ve used Crystal Angel Energy in my life and it is when I glance backwards in hindsight I am clearly able to see a progression of growth and understanding far beyond my reasoning mind. The Crystal Angel Energies invite you to be creative and explore the crystals you are naturally drawn to as most likely, this is an energy that is waiting to help you and enhance your life.

Angel Energy

Angel Energy Angels Guiding YouAngels have been talked about for centuries. In some ways, they are Universal and common throughout many religious beliefs. In other ways the information we can find about Angels differ, depending upon many factors. The variations of Angel and Archangels, their names, their specific energetic qualities and these variations are a result of time, culture and individual perception. If you depend on your logical mind, then you can search for extensive materials explaining Angels. The inforamtion can actually become overwhelming as to the amount and variation, when depending on logic, it would seem why so much variation? What if you could learn a different way?

The Angels have been my guide, my assistance and my helpers, my teachers. I was naturally curious and began to study and explore the idea of Angels by reading books to learn more about them and to understand how I could connect my energy to their energy, and bring Angel energy into my life. What I learned was that Angels are always near, waiting to be asked to help. They LOVE to help, that is their #1 mission. They are always ready to help, but the Law of Free will requires that they wait to be asked.

Energy can’t be seen, yet it is all around us. We are energy. The Angels can help us in every aspect of our lives. You may have been raised with the idea that you have a Guardian Angel. The Angel energy available to you and your life doesn’t stop there. Some sources indicate that there are 9 Choirs of Angels. Rather than getting caught up in possible facts, the Angels want you to know that they can be called upon for any assistance and help you need in your life. From creative ideas, to protecting your loved once, to healing your hurts, assisting with finance and abundance to helping you understand the trials and tribulations you face in your life, Angels are wonderfully loving teachers and helpers.

Accessing Angel energy is not an “exclusive” process, rather its a process one opens up to learning that everyone has an Angel energy connection. Often times we conclude that accessing Angel energy requires special talents and gifts. My experiences and Angel guidance has taught me everyone can connect into the loving energy of the Angels. You can find out more about developing your Angel connection by understanding the idea “What’s Your Clair?”

If you are new to Angel energy and the idea that you might have access to this energy just by asking, the next time you are driving to a destination where you know you may be challenged to find parking, invite the Angel energy to go ahead of you and provide you with a parking space. This was one of the first ways I learned to work with Angel Energy.

Angel Energy doesn’t “work”, rather it just is, and sometimes, some of the answers we receive may at first appear as “well this doesn’t work”, however, when you find yourself in the idea of something not working, ask your Angels for the hidden message and meaning. Because your mind had one idea of the possible outcomes, most likely the Angels have a better, more loving outcome in mind. Asking is the first part of receiving. You can ask for understanding, guidance and even ask for signs that they are always always, always working with you helping you on your journey to understanding who you truly are – a Divine Being on a Journey.

Have You or Your Life Been Touched by Angel Energy?

Angel Intuitive Guidance Angel Energy is always around us. Energy can’t be seen, so to some it may not be noticeable. The more and more you become aware of Angels and their Energy, the more you are able to notice their energy in day to day activities.

Often times our perceptions can interfere with experiencing this daily Angel Energy. Many believe that interacting with this Divine Energy has certain requirements, such as special talents or skills, perhaps rigorous training, or monk-like behaviors of fasting and meditating. While these all represent aspects of Soul Development, Angel Energy is accessible simply by raising your awareness to Their Divine presence.

Angels are helpers and guides, however, they are so polite they cannot help without you asking. They are the first responders to any matter life can bring. What is magical is when you work with the Angels daily, you begin to automatically recognize their prints of love are easily found in your everyday life.

Angel Energy is always around us. It comes through books and songs, and is often subtly expressed through the heart of others. The passion people express in teaching and in doing what they love, sharing their time, energy and talents with the world are all part of the subtle Angelic Energies.

The Angels work on so many levels from the core of the earth to Universe’s way beyond our time and understanding. The Angels message is simple. Love. Love energy is healing and holistic. Angels are always with you, always surrounding you. They can help you in any way you need. Your simple task is to ask.

You have the power to choose your focus. You literally give your energy to whatever you focus upon. Focusing on Angel Energy helps you bring more Angel Energy into your every day experience.

Ask for their assistance in bringing more Angel energy and awareness of their presence in your life. Ask them to teach you and guide you, and to give you personal Angel lessons on how you can tap into the Divine, Powerful, Loving Energy of the Angels.

The beautiful message the Angels want to share with you, is when working with Angel Energy, your only tasks are to ask for their help, and then let go and release it completely to their assistance. Allow them do the heavy lifting, and arranging, remembering that they are tuned into Divine Timing and the rhythm to the Universe. Their coordination and arrangements of answering your requests will be more perfect than you can ever imagine. Your true power is found in the energy of allowing.

Blessings from the Angels

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