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Angels Crystals and Oils was inspired by The Angels. They lovingly provide insights to ancient wisdom, helping see the power behind combining Angel Energy with Earth Angel Energy. The Angels inspire you to understand that combining these energies, results in taking these energies to be amplified by three. Three is such an amazing number as it represents communication, in some beliefs a trinity, in math we can create a triangle with three equal sides. There are some ancient teachings that indicate the Star of David is made up of two triangles. One with the point up, one with the point down. The point up represents our energy moving up to Divine Energy. The one pointing down represents Divine Energy empowering human energy. Each Angel, each crystal and each essential oil has unique energetic qualities. When combined with your energy and the power of your intention, you amplify these energies making it a stronger energy wave in your experience.




Angels are Spiritual Beings, never having had a physical form. They are a reflection of pure Divine Source Energy. They are pure love and light energy. They are helpers and can help you in every aspect of your life. Angel Energy is all around you, always. History writings teach the idea that there are several different types of Angels. Some teach that there are nine choirs of Angels. The Angels closest to our plane are The Angels and the Archangels. Archangels are represented in almost every religious belief. Some teach that there are only four Archangels, others seven and others even more. Their names vary and even the gifts they offer can vary depending upon the writer, the culture, and the existing beliefs. The most important thing Angels invite you to understand about them is that they are pure loving beings and that they love us. Their mission is to serve humans and the Divine Will of Source. The only key is they must wait to be asked, as they cannot impose upon our free will. We must choose to invite their help, their guidance, their support in each individual matter.



Crystals are precious gifts from Mother Earth. They have formed inside the depths of Mother Earth for millions of years. They each are unique containing energetic vibrational frequencies. They too are here to help support us in so many ways. Crystals have been used for centuries, as ancients understood the power behind crystal energy. They were used in many religious practices, as well as cultural practices. There are seven crystal systems, which impact the atomic make up of the crystal, and their energetic makeup, thus their energetic frequency. Crystals contain chemical structures and can be used in many ways in our modern life. Crystalline energy is used in all of our electronic devices. Crystal Energy is used in holistic practices and can be used to clear spaces, our physical and energetic bodies. When we look at crystal energy as Earth Angel Energy, we recognize that we can combine these energies with Angel Energy, helping to amplify the energetic aspects we desire to bring into our lives. We can utilize crystal energy to hold a space, clearing a space of lower energy, and protecting a space from negative energy.



Essential Oils are also gifts from Mother Earth. Working with pure essential oils, each has come from a plant grown in the womb of Mother Earth. Plants are living energetic beings. Each plant also contains a unique molecular structure, impacting is energetic qualities and frequency. Lavender Oil doesn’t exist in the world of Aromatherapy, as a professionally trained aromatherapist needs for more information to concur it is lavender oil. Just like there are varying speices of the rose bush, so too with many plants. Their genus is lavender, however knowing their species is an equally important aspect of understanding the components in the plant. Where the plant grows, the type of soil, the climate all impact the genetic aspects of the plant. There are varying distilling methods that create the end product of essential oils. Aromatherapists utilize Latin plant names, as well as additional reporting data to identify the exact chemical components of an essential oil. Truly pure essential oils have chemical components that can be once again used to support our physical and energetic bodies as well as the spaces we occupy. They too can be utilized to create an inner and outer balance, and are wonderful to supporting holistic health and wellness practices as well as impact emotional and mental well being.



We are frequency. Understanding that all matter is frequency. Even though we appear as solid, we are simply made up of very fast moving cells that appear as a solid. We contain an energetic vibration. Whatever vibration we are releasing is the energetic frequency we will attract. The Angels, Crystals and Essential Oils all contain energetic frequency. We can tap into these frequencies by bringing them into our lives and our spaces. We can utilize the assistance of these energies combined to help raising our energetic vibrations, empowering us to more love, more joy, more peace in our daily lives.

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