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Archangel Michael Earrings


Archangel Energy: Confidence, Strength, Protection, Shielding
Crystal Energy: Lapiz Lazuli, Sodalite, Rough Moonstone, Hematite
Emotional Support: Self Confidence, Inner Strength, Supported, Peace through Mindfulness, Tranquility
Energetic Support: Clears negative energy from any space. Protects and shields.

Archangel Michael Earrings is designed to create and raise the energetic vibrations increasing self confidence, inner strength, releasing and clearing the emotional body, stimulating creativity, supporting empowerment, quieting the mind releasing worry encouraging tranquility. These Archangel Michael earrings brings the wearer a source of inner strength, empowerment while providing protection of negative energy, and instills a sense of harmony. See more below.


The Archangel Michael Earrings was designed to compliment the energies of the Archangel Michael Bracelets. The intentions of these earrings is to increase the angelic qualities of Archangel Michael providing strength and power. The earrings made with Lapis Lazuli & Sodalite, and rough Moonstone and includes hematite for grounding and shielding from negative energies. These Archangel Michael Earrings brings the wearer the energetic qualities of inner strength, feeling protected and shielded from lower energies, while providing the energies of strength and empowerment. Other crystals in photographs were used to show color, size and features and are not included with the bracelet.

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Weight 1 oz


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