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You Are the Point of Grace

Being Reminded by the Divine “God Heals, We Simple Receive”

I ReceiveYou Are the Point of Grace Angels Guide You

I step into grace fully and completely and receive my healing
I open myself on all aspects and simply step into acceptance of this warm loving state
I acknowledge myself as above so below and intend simply to reflect the energy of my brilliant Soul
There is nothing for me to do
I am not broken nor do I need to be fixed
I am Grace
I am the Breath
I am Love

I Align with the Divine

I align my mind my heart my being with the Truth of Divine Order
I focus all my attention to knowing everything in my life is now moving into the Light of Divine Order
Everything today is EXACTLY as is should be
Grace is the channel that brings the Light to my life

I Accept

I accept the embrace of Grace
Expectations block the Light of Grace
The light of Grace is always there to step into
Expectations are misaligned with Divine Order

I Count on Grace

Today I use my inner knowing to simply count on Grace.
I choose to use my inner eyes and the point of Grace is from within
I place my feet firmly upon Mother Earth and ground myself in Her Love and support
I recognize the strength and stability Her energies bring me
I accept and receive all the gifts of Mother Earth
I consciously raise my awareness to my Soul
Like the Golden Light of the Sun my Soul reflects the Divine White Light
I connect my awareness to this Soul of mine and bring this Divine Light into my Body
My Body is the Point of Grace to receive the gifts of Mother Earth and the Source of Divine Light

The Point of Grace

All my beauty comes from within. I am beauty shining from the inside out.

I stand firmly supported and rooted on the ground and I receive strength and abundance from Mother Earth

I open my awareness to the light of my soul and receive the love and light of our Loving Source into my body

This Divine Love meets the Support of Mother Earth and is where they join in me creating my Point of Grace

Love the Angels


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